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Jo Lynn is a native of Titusville and North Brevard. She is a descendant of area pioneers. Her father, Roy Roberts, was a respected citrus grower, and a land developer whose work included Royal Oak, Sherwood and downtown Titusville. He was an early member of the Rotary Chub and led the charge to build Rotary Park. Her grandparents were homesteaders on north Merritt Island. In the early days, to earn extra money, her grandfather ran for, and was elected Sheriff. Those were the wild days of prohibition when many of the locals were in the business of making moonshine. During those days, there were a mere five deputies to patrol the county. According to family history, he stopped the infamous Chicago gangster, Al Capone, on Park Avenue in Titusville. Her grandmother, Edna Mae Roberts, was the Postmistress of Orsino, a small community of homesteaders, on Merritt Island. Orsino was later absorbed by Kennedy Space Center. Edna Mae Roberts was one of the first members of the Titusville Art League,  and the Garden Club. With these roots, Jo Lynn grew up in a family that emphasized Community service.

Jo Lynn attended the University of Florida where she received a Bachelors Degree with Honors in Political Science, and attended Stetson University School of Law, where she obtained her law degree. She was hired by the State Attorney’s Office in Brevard County.  In the days when a female attorney was a rarity, she became the second female attorney in the office, and later, became the first female supervisor. While working as a full time prosecutor, she raised two wonderful daughters, Katie, an interior designer, and Ashley, who is an executive at a national bank.

Children  have always been a priority in Jo Lynn’s life. While at the State Attorney’s Office, Jo Lynn began working with individuals in the community to help foster children. At the time, the State provided funds for essential items, but there were no funds for sports, band, proms or even clothing. With the help of the Director of the Guardian Ad Litem Program, Jo Lynn started a group which called itself Friends of the Children of Brevard County. The group raised these funds, as well as provided holiday parties for the children. She served on the Florida Bar Grievance Committee, and the Florida Bar Juvenile Rules Committee.

In order to provide additional services to the youth, Jo Lynn joined with others to establish a Civil Citation Program and a Juvenile Drug Court.

She also supervised a diversion program for first time offenders in the State Attorney’s Office, which emphasized providing the children with services, to prevent their return to the criminal justice system. With her fathers encouragement, Jo Lynn joined the Titusville Sunrise Rotary Club, where she held several offices, which included Treasurer and President, and was voted Rotarian of the Year. She continues to be active in Rotary and other organizations continuing her family’s commitment to community service. This commitment has lead her to become an advocate for the Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida and with a group of friends, spearheaded the effort to raise the money to establish a Flub in Titusville. She is a dedicated supporter of the Club in Mims, as well as other organizations that maximize the potential of our youth.

As a board member of the Merritt Island Wildlife Association,Jo Lynn is remains concerned about our environment. She believes that it is important to balance growth and opportunity for us while protecting the environment. Jo Lynn has been a promoter of well thought out change, and prosperity for businesses and individuals in Titusville. She has encouraged  a change to renewable energy in our community, and she is happy to report that we are now looking at solar power for a building downtown and charging stations for electric vehicles, and even, our own electric vehicles in 2020. Her commitment to the community is to maintain our city as one in which we can prosper and enjoy for years.

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